Friday, January 16, 2009

Mumble mumble (vblog)

Crap. This is my second attempt on posting this vblog, because I made the stupid mistake of clicking on the back button. so anyways because I'm bored as f*ck on a freakin' Friday night, here is a vblog.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good in the Bad

It has got to be a cultural thing on my part to actually see the good things in the weirdest places. They say Filipinos stand out in a distinct way. How? Despite being a third world (wait, I think progressive country is more politically correct, but don't quote me on that one), we always seem to have a positive outlook on things.
Sure we have all these revolutions dating back from the KKK days, then there was the more recent EDSA revolution, there was EDSA dos a.k.a. People Power that ousted the action star--uhh, I meant former President Joseph "Erap" (from the Filipino word Pare which roughly means buddy) Estrada, the failed EDSA 3 in an attempt to oust the first Lady President on the country (I still think it's a sexist thing more than anything; she wasn't that bad if you'd ask me), lame coup d'etats, and a bunch of other protests just because the Filipino tongues are itching to shout "Welga kami!" while raising banners and placards while throwing random things at security barricades, then after, whining at the press people how they have been wronged after being pushed back or hosed with water... ahh, entertainment at it's finest. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, sure we have had revolutions and protests against the government left and right. But where else would you see children stripping down to their shorts or underwear to bathe under the rain, running up and down the streets as if they were in a water park? Where else will you see frequently flooded neighborhoods, getting ready for the rainy season by preparing fisherman boats and paddles? I'm not sure if it's something to be proud about, because it emphasizes how poorly developed my country still is. But I find it interesting how It seems like we simply can turn what should have been a disastrous situation into a comic relief. Because while people from other countries would be crying their eyeballs out because of typhoons and other calamities that come their way, Filipinos always seem to manage to smile and make a laugh out of everything.

You might say that it is out lame excuse to not move for improvement; that we do not progress because we seem to be comfortable with our glum economic situation... but hey, we are all trying. It's just that change doesn't happen over night. And my country is still struggling through the capitalistic world just as much as everyone else...

So cheers to Filipinos! We will get there...

* First picture on the left is of the 2nd EDSA revolution is under fair use and is being used in this blog for information purposes only and to depict the historically significant event.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Perfectly Imperfect

The lexical definition of perfection is overrated. It has been something that I would presume everyone has been striving to attain. but you see, I've grown to lose all interest in it. It's like a tired cliche that everyone has been vying for that it simple seem to have lost its appeal. The way I see it, it is nothing is about being entirely perfect, because it would be rather boring and freakishly homogeneous if perfection is so readily available. Rather, I see that it is about how close we come to perfection, and the ugly imperfections that gives character to everything. Hence my blog everything is ugly.

Forget prissy perfection. Nothing is a mistake. Every blemish, error and whatnot is what gives individuality. Everyone is ugly in their own way. What is interesting is not how we all try to hide it but how we could potentially make the rough edges into something distinct and potentially cool, awesome even.

It is in the same idea that I came up with the name Nymphoid. Nymphs are beautiful, captivating, embarked in mystery and power. It is to me what seems to be the perfect archetype for women. Perfect. Despite layers after layers of make up, or 360 remodelling of our image, we can only be Nymphoids. Almost as beautiful, almost as captivating, almost as mysterious and powerful... but not quite. For we are fall short in perfection. Because other will always see our ugliness. We are not nymphs, but Nymphoids.